Wednesday, September 29, 2010

English 303 Multimedia Presentation

This is a Power Point presentation I created using the newest version of the program from the Windows 2011 Office Suite. It is a narrative about the personal, social, and environmental benefits of riding a bicycle. Cycling is something that I am admittedly crazy about. It has quickly made the shift from hobby to lifestyle in a few short years.

I attempted, during the presentation, to use a very simple template as well as short concise pieces of text accompanied by consistent text animations and slide transitions. I encountered issues early in the process that required some reworking but once I reverted to the "keep it simple stupid" approach things progressed nicely. Anyhow, I feel the strength of the presentation is its simplicity and repetition. I think finding authentic voice in text can be difficult, so, hopefully that shines through. Again, contrast and alignment were kept simple and consistent. I hope you enjoy. Also, seriously consider getting out and riding a bike. Seriously.

There are some formatting issues with the presentation when embedded from scribd. If anyone wants a better, animated, version please contact me and I will email you the file.


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