Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Screenwriting Reading Response

The reading for class today gave me the important reminder that unlike the presentation tool the visual aspect of the narrative tool is the most important component of this assignment. The script writing is merely supporting the visual presentation of my story. I am also eager to create a script for my story rather than the information heavy slides of the powerpoint.

I think also, that having decided to use Xtranormal lends itself well to my sense of humor and my writing style. I intend to make a "good" story by writing a contrary and humorous script to draw the audiences' attention. I understand better after having done the reading that I need to keep my audience engaged and make them want to like the characters and care about what they are saying.

The difficulty is writing effectively for a 1:30-3:00 minute video. Because of this difficulty I think that including only two characters and keeping the dialogue fast and funny will help keep the audiences' attention. The "lessons" or "goals" of my story will have to be interjected within the text I write for the script.

I am passionate about cycling, so, I hope that while writing my script I can appeal to those who are not passionate or not aware and make them feel like I did when I first started riding.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zimmer Twins Cartoon Animator

Check out this cool cartoon I made with ZimmerTwins. Its alot about socks mostly.

Click the link. Do it. Click it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Narrative Tools

So, I have actually been wanting to play around with Xtranormal since I first saw a video illustrated from there about a year ago. I didn't look too much into the other narrative tools because I had been excited about using this one.

For starters, I really liked the interface the website provided. It took a minute at first to understand what all the different buttons did and how the actions worked, but after that it was very intuitive, especially if you watch tv and movies.

The script editor was very simple and with the use of some well placed punctuation it is actually very easy to make the "actors" talk a bit less robotically. I didn't mess around at all with the animations but did make some adjustments to the camera angle, which actually make much more of an emphasis than I would have expected.

The script writing using a narrative tool rather than a presentational tool seems to allow a much more authentic voice. At least in the case of Xtranormal I was able to write a short little script which seems funny and believable with very little effort.

The final encouraging thought regarding using this particular tool is that while you can make a very simple narrative, with the right amount of time, effort, and planning you could actually produce something very indepth.