Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bicycle Adovacy Narratives

Bicycle advocacy is quickly becoming a worldwide issue. Hopefully, it is also becoming a worldwide solution.

Here are some narratives detailing the social, physical, and economic benefits of bicycling.

I am going to start with a link that is a little drier, but, very informative. League of American Bicyclists: Advocacy this will take you to the advocacy page of the LOAB website. I know it seems a little dense, however, if you are looking for hard facts about bicycle legislation this website is invaluable.

John Burke's 1World2Wheels Speech:

This is an awesome kind of TED talk from the President of Trek Bicycles. Again really great information, but a little easier to digest. Highlights are the physical and environmental benefits of a bicycle friendly world.

Dutch Bicycle Advocacy:

I included this because I think it is interesting to see how other countries view bicycle use. Often, Americans view bicycle riding as childish and counter productive, the Dutch clearly disagree. Even without being able to understand the language in these commercials the message is clear.

Xtranormal Bike Shop Humor:

As a bicycle shop employee this video is funnier to me than I am sure most other people reading this post. I picked this one out mostly because it uses Xtranormal for animation which I used on my most recent project posted above. A few inside jokes never hurt.

Bike Racing Rap:

This video is just a funny video, again, more of an inside joke. However, I think most people can find the humor in it. It shows how seriously amateur cyclists take the sport that the spend so much money to participate in. Aye, there's the rub.

Lastly, I will post a few regional cycling blogs, including one for Morgantown, WV. The internet has connected cyclists all over the country uniting them as riders, friends, and advocates.

Bike Pittsburgh: Local PGH advocacy and regional cycling blog.

Bike Blog NYC: New York City Urban cycling blog with many valuable subsections.

TheWashCycle: Bike advocacy and community from the nation's capital.

MonBikeClub: Morgantown, WV bicycle community, ride calender, and advocacy forum.

Scribd is dead! Long live Youtube!

Alright round two.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

English 303 Multimedia Presentation

This is a Power Point presentation I created using the newest version of the program from the Windows 2011 Office Suite. It is a narrative about the personal, social, and environmental benefits of riding a bicycle. Cycling is something that I am admittedly crazy about. It has quickly made the shift from hobby to lifestyle in a few short years.

I attempted, during the presentation, to use a very simple template as well as short concise pieces of text accompanied by consistent text animations and slide transitions. I encountered issues early in the process that required some reworking but once I reverted to the "keep it simple stupid" approach things progressed nicely. Anyhow, I feel the strength of the presentation is its simplicity and repetition. I think finding authentic voice in text can be difficult, so, hopefully that shines through. Again, contrast and alignment were kept simple and consistent. I hope you enjoy. Also, seriously consider getting out and riding a bike. Seriously.

There are some formatting issues with the presentation when embedded from scribd. If anyone wants a better, animated, version please contact me and I will email you the file.


Thursday, September 16, 2010